I keep hoping

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that a forever without us couldn't possibly exist.

But it seems that it can.

I am so busy these days, I so don't have time to be emo--but somehow, it is just--there.

You are just there, a prickly sensation at the back of my mind, tickling me into thinking about you.

When I catch a breath, when I take a break, when I just have enough time to be me, you are there.

I wish I could stop, but it seems pointless to pretend that I can.

I am sadly, still not sure how I feel about you.

slu-thing day?

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Today, I had to wake up bright and early for a 7am class.

I was in a preppy mood, so I wore a mini-dress and my favorite sandals.

I was feeling pretty happy and chipper, but Ico actually lectured me on what I was wearing!

This was by far the first time he had ever done it.


I cannot believe it.

Today was the day where I was actually chastised--multiple times...for what I wore.

It was kind of discomfiting, because it's rarely happened before.

Plus, this time, even Jan--who was quick to point out how weird it was, coming from her--was all, the back of your dress is scary.

I don't really have an opinion with regard to how short is short--as long as you can carry it off, why not, right?

The great thing about being in this school is that people don't judge you based on what you wear. I had a prof once, who claimed we could go naked, provided we were sure that we would not distract our class!

And well, it shouldn't matter, right?

What you wear, what you don't wear---you're more than that.

Everyone is.

So right now, why do I feel like everyone around me looks at the length and goes...slut?