sometimes, acad breaks are worth it.

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Yesterday, I was all in a tizzy over everything that had happened with typhoon Ondoy.

I was literally in a whirl: lost friends, lost was a bit unnerving to realize that events you only thought belonged in the news were happening to people you knew.

I was doing my best to edit our thesis framework, but I was getting nowhere, what with the knowledge that my thesis partner was battling water in Bulacan, along with some other friends from that area. I was also a little tired of seeing and hearing all the news bulletins of missing people, submerged areas and whatnot.

It was also a little funny--and sad--to realize that my being stranded at Ins' house was nothing to people who had to walk in the flooded roads to get to their homes.

Being stranded, figuratively, because I couldn't stop thinking, I knew I had to do what I could. I just didn't know what that was.

Did I suddenly show up at an evacuation center with food? Or attempt to go to foundations and be all, I wanna help?

Finally, after some minor stalking online, I managed to talk to several of my friends and decided to go to the CMC drive for goods today.

I was a little bit unsure at first, after all, I had thesis, I had SA work...who was I to go raring around to help victims of Ondoy?

But in the end, I went.

And am I glad that I did.

At first, there were only three of us. Inside my head, a voice was shouting, greeeeeeeaaat. This is what happens when you try to be all nice.What are we all trying to achieve, anyway?

But then, stories about typhoon experiences abounded, and I realized...the people with me believe we can do something. And if I don't shut my brain up and start thinking the same way, then nothing will change.

So, after settling all that--mentally, yes, I am a little insane--I dove into the work.

Packing everything was a little tiring, what with having to sort everything out into realistic piles of clothes for children, for men, for women, for small men, small get the picture.

But by lunchtime, there were a lot more of us and the work became lighter, the atmosphere cheerier.

Then we moved out, to meet up with the USC efforts to distribute to communities.

There was a lot of waiting time involved.

It is definitely not the way you imagine it, or see it on TV.

Relief operations take a long time to coordinate, and there we all were, sitting around, raring to go. Apparently, government help from QC would have to come later, as the damage had to be "assessed" before anyone could get goods.

Finally, we got to go to the community.

It was a lot of hard, incredibly difficult work. We had to go deep into the area of Old Capitol Site, because our relief goods were not enough for everyone in the community.

It was particularly shocking to see the area, because there was so much...chaos, for lack of a better word. Parts of houses, mud everywhere. We were also told to watch out for snakes.

And then there were the people. There were times when it was so disheartening, to try and help, because they were also fighting among themselves, about relief goods and whatnot.
There was also the heartbreaking realization that what we brought them wouldn't really be enough to make a dent in their lives.

At the same time, having seen the people, I feel a bit better knowing I was able to help.

I maybe a little behind with my second draft, but you know what?

This kind of delay is definitely more than worth it.

We invite everyone to drop off goods for Ondoy victims at the CMC Admin Office, care of Ms. Gina, or at the Church of the Risen Lord, care of the USC. A lot of UP residents still need our help, so please, please, please, try to donate what you can! We ...also aim to go beyond UP communities, so please, please, let's all help!

write DOWN.

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I am so tired.

What do I do, what do I do?

I must finish this!

not a loser-ish day

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Yesterday, I was feeling waaaay like a loser: Ninoy kept asing me about my plans for today, and I was all...I plan to watch two episodes of Shining Inheritance. Then do thesis.

It was a while before I realized what a loser statement that was: I didn't have birthday plans. Like, at all.

I mean sure, watching a DVD of a Korean drama is interesting,'s not a birthday plan for someone like me, who is needy and dependent on others.

I need a plan with lots of people. But I had financial, physical and time management issues!

I slept feeling like nothing, but woke a very un-loser ish day. :D

I had no idea how they did it, but my roommates managed to make me a banner with balloons and all that, between the time I slept (eleven) and woke up (three). They also gave me a Love, Stargirl book.

Then, I was feeling all, oh, definitely nothing from the bloc, because we were all under severe financial constraints. But they came through for me!

They actually got me a gift. I was so touched, but I kept the tears in. That would have been weird, and awkward. Now I'm in the dorm, waiting for my parents.

So far, today has the words of my favorite character in Chuck: Awesome.

you! off my planet! (or at the very least, my bathing space?)

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That is my only question, really.

Well, I also want to ask you if you saw anything, but really.

What now, has possessed me to actually blog again, after ages, not blogging?


And a little nudity.

See, I was in the bathroom, sleeping/taking a bath.

I was shampooing my hair, and thinking of what to wear. (No, I am not trying to rhyme. Go away.)

Then, I saw a towel slung next to mine. This being a regular dorm occurrence*, I ignored it. Then, the unexplainable, incredibly harassing moment happened.

Suddenly, whoever slung their towel there actually opened the door!** Thankfully, I had the presence of mind to yell at her, and was able to close it before whoever it was got the full show. I hesitate to realize how much she actually saw. Argh.

People, honestly. THIS is why we have dorm rules, so we don't end up harassing others. Please.

Follow them?

*Dorm rule in the bathroom 1: Use towels to designate line place. Five minutes for each towel. Yes, obviously, that girl was NOT following the rules.

**No, I am not showcasing my exhibitionist tendencies. Some of the doors on the bathroom stalls in my dorm room are broken, and cannot be locked anymore. I could lead into a whole other discussion on greater state subsidy and the need for better maintenance, but what would be the point?


To paraphrase Mikan Sakura (Gakuen Alice), 'Now I will never be able to get married!'

Right. Cause I was planning on it, really.