the final last.

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my head, my legs, my voicebox hurts.

but this kind of hurt feels great.

i just came from my last Sday with a resident member.

somehow, all things last just bring me to a private, teary/slightly weepy me.

when i was standing there, yelling and lecturing and insulting (oh, to be a CRS mem!) apps, i was feeling clear headed and solid.

there was a goal, and i had to help get the apps there.

and then, suddenly, it was over.

they were mems, and the focus was on us, and i just felt...sad.

i know i haven't been the greatest CRSoccer this semester. if anything, all my orgs (yes, there is no hierarchy even in that haha) have suffered equal difficulties with me because of my rather apathetic self this sem.

so i really didn't feel that i had the right to give a message on what it means to be a part of a rockin' org like UP CRS.

but still.

right now, sitting here, typing and i just...

i feel it now, more than ever.

today was the first of the many hard goodbyes i will have to make,as i wind the days to october down.

so, now, to all commressoccers, alumni and members, who have made my CRES life all the fascinating shades it has had:

***i say thank you. for opening doors, for blasting open windows, and even creating ones out of nothing.

***for my EAfamily, to all the events, WOW! you guys showed me the real meaning of the words, 'when there's a will, there's a way...and when you're in CRS, you create a way.' haha

***for EXE0809, to a fab year, and to the year it is giving me now, loads of applause. yun na yun eh. haha.

***to my buddy pam (special mention talaga, ganon na eh), for the encouragement, for the tips, for showing me the mems' photos....thank you. you made my app process a lot less difficult.

and ofcourse, to my 06A batchmates. it was nice spending today with you. though we're missing a zara-clad polar bear, im sure he's bouncing along with us, every step of the way.

i will miss all of you, and will try my best to become moderately successful enough to be someone you will contact in pursuit of solicitations.



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