i give up.

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Doesn’t last?

What erriol (fanfic is baad. very very bad) said is true.

It really doesn’t matter if love doesn’t last, if tomorrow the person you waited forever for suddenly leaves.

You had that moment.

And to all the boys (and girls, but really, were talking about love right now so it's fine) in my life that I gave moments to--and received moments from, I thank them.

And to the one boy, to the one person who is still capable of making me feel a billion ways all at once, I love you still.

I don’t know why, I'll be damned if I try to measure or validate what I feel for you.

My feelings are not the methodology section of a research paper.

All I know right now, is that you still make my heart skip a beat, even after you've shattered it.

I am so endlessly hopeless.


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