i hate you.

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sid left today.
ins went last week.
dheng is already working,
momy is doing volunteer stuff.

it seems everyone is going places and things, and all i seem to be doing
is wishing them well.

why is it that when i think of my future, it always involves that three and a half-year old conversation about marine biologists, lawyers, and never giving up?

i hate you.

why shouldn't i, anyway?

you seem to have moved on to better things, you seem to have even turned it all around for yourself, while i'm still stuck here, remembering you, missing us...

it seems a hell of a lot more than just highly unfair, don't you think?


you're a little intelligent. you should know...i don't know!

you should know better than to leave me hanging!

i went first, but did you have to follow through so decidedly?

what is with you?

i wish i could knock some sense into that thing you have for a head.

or have you knock some sense into me.

i can't do this anymore.

help me.

help me now.


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