last day as a goddess....

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as a dorm goddess, anyway.


this last day as a dormer is pretty much...uneventful.

this semester was one of the most difficult, so i was rarely at the dorm.

this was something that was characteristic of all of my close dorm friends, though. case/s in point: there were rarely any 'the counter' editions, i only had one fake study session with them, and we didn't even make it to mang jimmy's this year.

we are such a sad busy bunch, our semender sorta was ordering mc do last tuesday.


im alone in my room, roommates gone.
boxes everywhere.
im taking things down, and packing them
away from here.

argh, that sucks. i'm so...befuddled, i can't even pretend to be all deep and poetic (cause i'm writing a poem..haha i know so not funny) about it.

im not really sure if i'm sad, or happy or anything.

truth be told, what i am is TIRED of everything to do with school.

but to me, school and sampa are two entirely different things.

this place has been home to me for a good three years...i started a sorority here, found ghosts, haunted halls, tried being a king (i guess goddess would be better) maker, snuck into other people's rooms, snuck other people into my room, learned the value of a much-needed movie break...

it is here that i learned about hidden delivery places, the special happiness that comes with knowing when classes are about to be cancelled, the cute announcements, the strength needed in changing water bottles from dewdrop...

most of all, i found a group of people who i know i never would have met if i hadn't stumbled upon sampa. we were all from different courses and interests and generally didn't match in any way, and yet...these women--goddesses--have and continue to make me realize that home truly is where one's heart is.

i will miss you all.

so, so, so much.


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