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i hate this.

do you know, i almost (emphasis on almost) made a montage-y thing of things i would like to say to you on photoshop this morning? ugh. i have sworn that activity off! you almost make me want to start tumblrng again, and that's no mean feat. (i have also sworn tumblr off) plus, i had an interview to prepare for. and i almost stopped all of that because of you.


just so you know:

1. you are not funny. i only haha-d your stupid jokes because i felt bad for you, and was kind of weirded out. plus, i laugh at everything.

2. you are not cute. laughing like that, and being all attentive and winky-winky? please.

3. i am not THAT glad you found me. i just find it nice, that we get to talk to each other again, and that you do seem to listen to me.

4. we do not like the same things always. it just happens. it's called coincidence.

and lastly..

5. i DO NOT LIKE you. i don't. atleast not that way.

so i mean it.

stay away from me.



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