gradcom updates for grad ceremony!

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A. Graduation pictures
Printed graduation pictures and CDs with edited pictures are scheduled to be delivered late January or early February, please wait for the announcement of the exact date.
For those who had their creative shots edited, there is a P100 fee for the editing. Please pay during the day of claiming your printed photo.
The editing of toga, sablay and formal shots are free.
To those who submitted their CDs later than the deadline, expect your photos to be delivered at a later date.To those who haven’t submitted their CDs yet, please do so as soon as possible, to avoid furthering the delay of editing of the photos.

B. Yearbook
Yearbook Payment
The final cost of our yearbook is P2000. The deadline of the full payment for the yearbook is on February 10. Down payments and full payments are accepted at the skywalk grad booth every Tuesdays and Thursdays 11:30-1 pm and 4-5:30 pm only; and Wednesdays and Fridays from 2:30-4 pm only.
If you are not available during these times, you can text any of the following contact people below for payment. Always ask for a receipt after handing in your payment. If you don’t have a receipt yet, please claim it at the grad booth.
Yearbook sponsorship
If you’re interested to sponsor a part of a page or a whole page of the yearbook, kindly get a sponsorship letter from the gradcom.

C. Graduation Matters
Graduation Day is on April 25, Sunday, from 8-12 nn at the Cine Adarna
Graduation Rehearsal dates are on April 1Thursday, April 16 Friday, and April 19 Monday , 4PM at the Cine Adarna.
Ceremony fee
The Ceremony fee for our batch of graduates costs P1800. Payment period for the ceremony fee is from February 16- March 10. Down payment of P1000 is accepted from February 16-26. Full payment is due on March 10.
This fee is already covers the graduate’s:
Sablay (approximately P700-P800)
Food- lunch for the graduate and a maximum of 2 guests only
Ceremony photographs: from Clear Shot Photo and Video Coverage
Package is inclusive of the following:
8 shots (5x7) 5R size
Receiving Diploma
Pledge of loyalty
Picture with parents or guest
Solo shot ( whole body)
Solo shot (close up)
Group Picture
On stage receiving the diploma
Budget for the flowers, d├ęcor, etc.


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