i didn't want to believe it. (i think i still don't)

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I've always found FB rather useful, in that, oh, okay sense. My friends made me one, and I check it along with my email.

Today is waiting day, so I check more than usual.

And lo and behold, a post to rock my world.

A friend--can I call him that? I am not sure.--passed away this morning.

He committed suicide last night.

I am still hazy on the details, but are they really important?



We were never really close. Sure, he was one of the prime reasons why I got to CRS. And he and I were together in several CMC events. We never shared more than casual conversations, and polite smiles. To say we were friends is a stretch, but to say we were less than that feels wrong.

I never really knew him all that well. Most conversations we had were banal, but I always remember one moment.

I had just arrived, and was waiting for groupmates. He was sitting on the film steps, sleeping, next to two frappes.

Suddenly, he awakens, looks at me, and smiles, before breaking into a run, up the steps, shouting 'sorry, busy!' at me.

And maybe that's how I'll always remember you, kuya.

As someone who always surprises me, someone who breaks into a run, at the most unexpected of moments.

Someone with somewhere to go.

I'll miss you, Sir Aids.

I'm happy I met you.