wakey, wakey.

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the past few months have been like a dream.

i could sleep early and wake up late.
i could eat anything i wanted.
i could spend all day being incredibly unproductive.
i could hang out with friends and family.

basically, i could do anything.

being me, i utilized that time of relaxation terribly.
all i did was give my inner self torture because i was still jobless.
even though the entire working world (connected to me, that is) was telling me to chill.

and i did try to enjoy.
even though it seems weird, i adored the whole process of job hunting...going to offices, talking to people, even hunting for information about the job and the company was fun for me.

now that i officially have a job, i feel like i woke up from an overlong dream of manga, movies, music and books.

still, waking up in this reality isn't all bad.

sure, now,
i have to wake up early.
i have to take the MRT daily.
i cannot just do what i want.
i have to learn, unlearn and relearn a lot of stuff.

but i find it awesome to be doing this.

i feel incredibly blessed to be in psrc, doing what fascinates me most, and being with people who i admire and respect.

as a follow up to a dream, it's fantastic.

i feel like i have everything i need, right now.
although i wouldn't say no to a cute guy on my morning route to the office.