the first of many solo weekends

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It's Sunday, and I think I did pretty well, on this first trial weekend alone.
Still, I'm biased, and to show objectivity, I decided to show my account of the events (events being a somewhat loose way to describe it, seeing as I spent it sleeping and doing chores) of this weekend.

I'm doing it Princess Diaries style, because I am reading and re-reading the series, as I had no idea it had already ended. And also, I think I just wanted to fall in love with Michael again.

[4am, bed.] Dad shook me awake, as he was about to leave for the airport. I tried my best to ignore him, as I got in late last night because of coffee with the officemates. Didn't take, so he pulled me to a sitting position. Hard. Had to listen to a 1.5 minute lecture on how I had to take better care with everything, then to a 3.5 run down of what I could and couldn't do. My main task this week, it seems, is to choose car that I feel I can drive. Daddy shot down my SUV hopes with inflection on the word car. Mumbles about a water schedule. I agreed with all of it, then stood around watching him finish up.

[4:30am, gate.] Just saw Father off. Was handed a stack of flyers about cars, and repeated instructions on not looking at SUVs. Did our standard tools check, then he was off. Hung out around the gate, watching my father get smaller in the distance. Felt abandonment keenly, for the first time since it was announced.

[4:40am,inside.] Went around home, switching off lights and power. Finally, went to parents' bed to crash and feel weepy.

[6:00am,parents' bed.] Apparently, still on NCP time. Decided to accomplish my checklist, so went to power up for breakfast. Dad said he'd gotten everything from the grocery, and was surprised to find fridge fully stocked. He even got me chicken cordon bleu, and he's always resisted that one, because he says it's overpriced, and he can make better ones. (He actually can, though.) Seeing the cordon bleu made me realize the depths of the guilt my father was feeling. Perhaps SUV not a long shot?

[6:30am,sala.] Ate breakfast (eggs, cordon bleu, rice, milk) while sorting laundry into piles. Felt sense of relief when I realized there would only be three piles, as laundry is not my best household chore. (It's washing dishes.)

[6:50am,laundry area.] Finished setting up Laptop and speakers, so I can download and have music while doing the clothes. Loading first pile, then decide to wash dishes. Sent up a prayer for the unparalled genius who invented the washing machine. You go, guys!

[7:30am,laundry area.] Still laundry, though managed to check in to my webmail to see if I had any office stuff. Nothing pressing, though, so concentrated on downloading a few files. Loading third pile, getting ready for soap. (Is it still called soap when you're doing laundry?) Received first of many phone calls from both parents asking how I was doing.

[8:00am,everywhere.] Multi-tasking with watering plants, downloading, and laundry, as well as dancing to B.o.B and Iyaz. (I find Solo really cute.) I guess I am more capable than thought, as I am clearly getting the hang of this fending for myself.

[8:20am,laundry area.] Dancing interrupted by menacing gurgle of water. Realized gurgle of water meant no more water.

[8:25am,everywhere.] Trying to keep calm while taking stock of water stored in house. Clearly, not enough for laundry.

[8:30am,laundry area.] Eating apple while wondering what to do. Hearing neighbors talk about water. Must investigate.

[9:00am,home.] Well. So that was what my father was mumbling about water schedules. Apparently, water lines are being cleaned, and water services are on the blink. Since defeat is something unfamiliar to me, still try my best to make do with laundry. Received second concerned phone call. Assure mother that everything is extremely fine. (Because, really, apart from the laundry, no problem.)Also, finished apple.

[9:30am,outside.] Taking a break from laundry. Heard Tita E from next door say that there will be water delivery for everyone, we just had to haul it to our homes. Psyched me up enough to go out to see for myself. Saw water schedules, and committed to memory.

[9:50am,home.] Realized I have no free containers for water, as everything is full of soapy laundry. Defeat has now become familiar to me.

[10:30am,sala.] Remembered the water schedule, and has realized, all hope is not lost. So I'll take a break from laundry, and just finish up this afternoon!

[11:00am,sala.] Well. Because of this, will just be cleaning up the house, and my room. The afternoon schedule for water is at 5pm. Which is why, still no water.

[2:00pm,room.] Done with bedroom. Also managed to find several objects I thought lost to me: a sunflower headband, my clippings, and some gift certificates. Off to rest of the house! Still no water.

[4:00pm,sala.] Rest of the house, over. Had no idea Mom had so many figurines lying around. Ugh. Still no water.

[4:10pm,sala.] Finally checked on Laptop. Went on a few sites. Realized I looked a little lost in the photos from She's birthday. Hmmm. Still no water. Fielded another call from parents. Sigh.

[5:00pm, laundry area.] Still no water! I don't get it! Must check with Tita again.

[5:30pm, home.] Great. Turns out the schedule was only because they thought it was under control. The water people now have to shut off power because of some difficulty in the maintenance. Meaning, no water this weekend. Was thinking of taking Tita up on the water procurement suggestion, when it started to rain. Rain. Defeat, you are becoming entirely too friendly.

[6:00pm, sala.] Thought of a plan. Will scrap laundry today, then procure help to finish it tomorrow morning. Already talked to Tita A for help. For now, going back to Princess Diaries. Awesome. I can't believe it's ended. Sigh.

[8:00pm,bed.] Decided no sense in wasting all the power by staying in sala, so locked up and stayed in room. Rain has stopped, but still no water.

[9:00pm,bed.] Still restless, so switched to Jonathan Safran Foer. (He's awesome, if a bit twisty.) Toy with the thought of going on a journey to find my own ancestors, but then where would they be from? I know I'm some part-Chinese (snicker; I know I don't look it at all) but isn't that too far down the line? Aside from that story about cooking chickens for the Japanese to spare her, there really isn't anything colorful about my family. Tsk.

[10:00pm,bed.] Tuckered out, so decided to get ready for bed. Fielded yet another call, this time I insisted on saying good night, hoping they would get it. Parents.

[10:30pm,bed.] Guess I'm wired. Still no water. Sigh. Decide to watch a movie. Found Sex and the City. Hmm. Never saw it.

[12:00am,bed.] Well. I adore that Lily kid. And that awesome shot of Carrie as she was in the limo, her blue eyes and the blue thing in her hair, and all the defeat in every line of her? Intense. I wonder what it would be like to be stood up at the altar. I'd have done more than shove flowers into the guy's face, that's for sure. That was the scene that made me cry (that's right, I'm a softie), when she destroyed the gorgeous bouquet in his face, and Charlotte was all, "No!" I think I adore Kristin Davis. ("I curse the day you were born!")

[12:30am,bed.] Okay, I'm done. So far, barring the laundry difficulty, we're okay. Fielded a call from brother, wanting to know if I was alive. Nice. I keep telling my brother I'm older than him, information he only ever snorts at. Good night!

The next day, Defeat and I parted ways.

[5:00am,bed.] Got up early, to put plan into motion. Laundry, here we go!

[6:30am,laundry area.] So far, smooth sailing. Laundry is being finished up, and talked to Tito C from across, to ask about water. Will send me help. This time, no tunes set up. Sigh.

[7:00am, sala.] Taking out essentials for breakfast. Sandwiches, fresh milk, while doing laundry. Also, water help arrived, so will really be able to finish. Thank goodness.

[8:00am,sala.] All done with laundry. Thank you for just being three piles. Will get ready for church.

[9:40am,leaving!] About to head for church. Clearly, I am late. Argh.

[11:00am,walking home.] Tsk. Was late for a few minutes. Was alone, so I stayed at the back. Interesting homily though, about plans always just being that. Plans. Hmmm. I rather harbor an intense hope that my five-year plan will push through, though.

[12:00pm,bed.] Eyes feel heavy. Good night.

[2:00pm,sala.] Well. I guess sleep is truly the best activity ever. Feel refreshed, and accomplished, as laundry is done, and house is clean. More Princess Diaries!

[3:00pm,dining area.] Eating bananas when I realized I hadn't heard from The Family in a while. Couldn't find Star, but then remembered church. Eeeek. Eight missed calls. Sigh. Spin control?

[3:30pm, dining area.] Sigh. Control accomplished, I hope. I sincerely want my parents to enjoy themselves. I hope they stop worrying about me. Decide to tackle brochures now.

[5:00pm,sala.] Well. Brochures over. Don't see why big stress in looking, as Father has final say. Still, going online now for LTO and DFA info. Also, watching BF/GF. Awesome show, I don't know why I watch it. It's this year's Lipstick. Har.

[6:00pm, sala.] Online, talking to Francis about stuff. Goodness, I miss him. Talking to people online is annoying. Also, stalking mildly. Everyone has been up to something this month, I see.

[6:30pm, sala.] Daddy touches down in a few minutes. I guess I should start dinner. Sigh.

All in all, I think I handled it well. And M is right; I shouldn't be acting like this. I have to learn to be on my own, sometime. And though this is earlier than I wanted to, well, that's life.

Plans are, I guess, partly, just that.


bribing with cars and toys

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In a bad mood posting.

I haven't blogged in a while, because, well, life catches up too much, sometimes.

And I haven't been in the proper frame of anything to get posty.

But now.


My father wants to move to Davao, in pursuit of another job.

At first, I treated it as a joke. After all, he's had a ton of offers and he never really moves anywhere.

But now.

Now, he is really serious.

I am supposed to be looking at cars and how to pay bills and keep house by myself because they are moving.
To Davao.


I get a car and a credit card with no fuss.

So why do I feel abandoned?

oh, elementary.

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This was an awesome day. Well. An awesome week.

I had fun with the girls at Greenbelt, then I had fun with everyone at She's party.

It was so great to hang out with Chelle, and to show her "my sorta city." It was also happy to reconnect with several of HSS batchmates, even though it meant some silly teasing. I didn't realize how much I missed silly teasing.

It's nice to know, to feel, that even though we can never go home, we can always visit and find something new to love about it.


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I still feel sick. My mom was too fluttery to take my temperature this morning, so I don't know if I got m 37 degree wish.

Still! I managed to commute to the office ON TIME. (What up?)

Anyway, I just had to say that. I so rarely get the chance to commute, it's fun when it works out.

What I want to share, is the awesome, award-worthy movie I saw on the bus.

I tend to not watch movies on buses, because I rarely get to start and finish them, and that annoys me. It also triggers manic levels of trying to find the stupid movie anywhere to finish it.

Anywayyyy. I got on the bus at a particularly interesting scene, where a bearded, long-haired Robin Padilla was insulting a very young, crazy-haired Jolina Magdangal. After a very amusing (I suppose they were funnier because I was on pain pills?) exchange resulting Robin making pancit for the whole resto crew (which included Bearwin Meilly), him getting a job there.

There were lots of random scenes of Robin Padilla, Bearwin Meilly and Jolina Magdangal beating people up. I especially enjoyed this scene in the market, where after successfully beating up one goon who was after her, the two guys decide to stop helping Jolina and just watch her fight. Har.

There was also faux Chinese guys, the Filipino conception of the Chinese triad (who are way more awesome in Shanghai, word), some stupid NBI traitors, and of course, an arranged marriage.

I also especially enjoyed the dialogue...

Bearwin (to a newly-shaven Robin): Eh bangis ka pala pag malinis, pre! (with hug) Ang guwapo guwapo moooooo!

Robin: Kasi kelan mo ba tatanggapin na tama ako at mali ka?
Jolina: Sige na, sige na! Tama ako, mali ka!

There are a lot more, but I honestly cannot remember anymore.

It is just extremely awesome. At least it was awesome at the time.

Sadly. I never got to finish it. But according to one of about three hits on Robin Padilla and Jolina Magdangal movies, it is entitled Tunay na Tunay: Gets mo, Gets ko.

Isn't that an awesome name?

sicky poo poo

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I feel woozy, and rather a bit like I spent yesterday jogging naked while screaming at the top of my lungs.

Except I didn't. (duh? sorry, sickness makes me cranky.)

I was in Shang for the PAN convention (I promise to write about that later, because it was AWESOME.) and I felt the telltale pains sometime in the afternoon. I have a general distaste for medicine, so I did the next best thing: water therapy! In the middle of assisting presentors, I guzzled water err, drank sedately from my wine glass.

I was literally floating on my way home, I still had no idea how I managed to get to my dad without conking out. I was asleep in PY immediately.

When I came home last night, I was so tired, I could only greet my mom and say good night. I didn't want to touch my mother, because then she would know I was sick, and then, I would be in trouble.

Then, I literally fell on the bed. My mother was, naturally, suspicious. I managed to deflect with pleas of exhaustion for an hour till she finally took my temperature. I was being sassy, too, to reassure her. (I told her mercury thermometers are now banned from hospitals, because they are dangerous and unreliable.She ignored me.)

Unfortunately, all the sass in the world cannot compete with a 39 degree temperature. I was shoved medicine, then cold compresses, then massaged until I felt myself poof. I fell asleep listening to my parents debate about the emergency room. I knew it would not happen, because my dad and I have an arrangement regarding my hatred of hospitals. (Like, my not being in them.)

It is the next day, and I feel marginally better.

My temperature is down, so I am more irritable. My father, used to my moods when it comes to medicine, told me pointblank it was this or the hospital. Naturally, I became a bit more accepting of the meds and the compresses and the temp takes after that.

My parents have just stopped fussing, because they had to go see my brother. I begged off because, I did not want to get triple teamed and because I am still a little dizzy.

I guess I feel sorry for myself because I get sick way too easily. I don't understand it anymore than my parents. A doctor once told me it was in my blood, about how it was too something. And that I had to be careful, because of how finicky my processes were. I still have no idea what that means.

And it's so wrong. I have a report to finish, and a questionnaire to make! I have field on Tuesday, and, most of all, I just don't understand why everyone can overindulge and be well enough to overindulge again the next day.

I don't get it, I don't get it.

It's too much.


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*ratty post*

am all levels of tired and pumped up and excited.

it's been a while since i wrote, because i have been all levels of tired. plus most of my work right now is done outside office, so i basically punch in, leave then come back to punch out.

most of this week is going to be like that, but i hope things settle a bit.


i still have pangs of office sickness, but i'm much better now.

probably the busy life.


i just feel so happy, and so sad, at the same time.

let's not analyze it now.

right now, i just want this moment, this milli-mini-minute to say, that at this exact dot of time, it's no regrets.

thank you, life.

toy story WEE

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I think I was one of the last to see it.

It started out the way, I notice, my college jaunts with Noy always do. A question, a dare, and voila, we're there. Greenbelt cinemas, 3d glasses and all.

Before the movie, I got to meet with Jayson and Kris. They were going to watch Knight and Day. (Kris says she doesn't think she'll ever watch a movie she has to pay for ever again. Attagirl.) They both seem the appropriate level of tired but okay. They chatted with me while Ninoy bought the tickets. Then, they left. Sometimes I wish I could just freeze certain moments, so that a part of me could have had dinner with them, and another part could have been in the cinema, watching the previews for Harry Potter.

Because, eurghhhh, we missed the trailers. And the mini-movie before the actual 3d movie. Hmpp. (When Dheng and I saw Up, we fell in love with the thundercloud in the mini movie.)

Toy Story 3 is a movie that I am predisposed to liking, because: HUGE Pixar fan, and HUGE Toy Story fan. And even though this movie makes me feel incredible heaps of guilt, regarding my treatment of my own toys. (For the record, most of my stuffed animals are still here. I have one surviving Barbie, AND she's a collector's edition! I think I still have the Barbie convertible, too. Yes, you're right, I was more of a Sid than an Andy.) I would still watch it, because I like the idea of loyal toys.

And it still boggles my mind, the way they rendered the whole movie. Awesome. 3d worth every peso awesome.

We start with a token sequence, Woody chasing down bad guys, Buzz and Jessie hopping into the mix, and at the stunning conclusion full of dynamite and evil piggy banks, we see that it is...a home movie, of Andy at seven.

And that ten years (around) have passed, our boy is now 17 and college bound. (It would have been cute if they'd said he was going to Caltech. But okay. haha) Also, being college-bound, the only way he would even open his toy chest is when his phone mysteriously lands inside it. Like, when the toys steal it and hide it in there. When Andy goes to lecture his sister about his stuff, the toys conference. After a conversation about wanting to be played with sooooo badly, the toy soldiers hightail it out of there, telling everyone it was a pleasure to serve with them.

Woody defends their owner, saying that they were his toys, and wherever and whenever he wanted them, there they would be, Andy proves to dash his defense by scooping everyone but him into a bag.

A trash bag.

The trailer takes us further, to Andy's mom mistaking the bag of toys for trash, and Woody desperate to save them. The toys, after much maneuvering, end up in Sunnydale, a daycare center, where toys are played with all day long. They spend the rest of the film balancing play, a few cynical toys, a too, too, too in love girl's accessory, and the question: did Andy still care?

It made me cry. I was a bit sad when I realized Bo Peep wasn't there, and that the soldiers had left. But it was all good. I guess it would have been too much to expect Andy would keep it all. But still.

I cried buckets at the end, when Andy and Woody realized what they had to do. I also felt a little teary at Lotsa, when he was vacillating between being mean and being nice.

At the same timere, there were fun moments: I loved the new toys introduced, especially the hedgehog. Awww. Method acting, FTW! I also liked the renderings of the humans. (Yeah, yeah, I found Andy hot. Hello.)

Ofcourse, I don't need to tell you that I adored how Pixar wrapped it up. (I am so glad that they were given free reign over this: the Disney version of the storyboard Toy Story 3 obviously SUCKED. Atleast, they had enough respect for their work, and the fans, to quit while they were ahead.)

It's rare to see something pretty and story satisfying at the same time, but then I guess this is what happens when a movie is though through. (Toy Story 3 spent around two years in pre prod)

I wish there were more like it.