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Today is one of the most polarizing holidays, ever.
I mean, you either celebrate it will all the fervor you have, or disdain it with...all the fervor you have.

It was sooo much better when we were all younger. Then, you could give valentines to girls and boys, and not be told that you liked like the guy (or the girl, heh). I had that harrowing experience one year in second grade, and decided on 'never again' as an answer to this day.
It just feels wrong to me, making this day about romantic love only. There's so many other types of love out there and well, isn't friendship the best kind of love? (This is why I think things are infinitely better in Japan, where Valentine's day is for every type of love, and also, White Day! exists.)
Then again, I am only like this cause I'm single. I'm more of a romantic (?) mess when I'm with someone, really. Though today is totes more fun when you're in love with a person who is actually in love with you.

I think I've done both ends of the spectrum. This day has given me some of the most memorable experiences ever, in the good and bad way. Mostly, thinking about it, it has to do with my maturity. My most harrowing, mortifying experiences with this day were those days when I was running away from things that I should face. I find that when I face what I don't want to, this day turns out okay for me.

Like today, I have to face the fact that I am single again. And it's okay. Somewhat. (What? Being honest!)
After all, I do have the best family, lovely, crazy friends, the solution to the Monday problem, and an abundance of squee from my happy crush.

Happy Valentine's Day! This song has been looping through my head like crazy. The vocals are awesome, this episode was rather insanely weird, and the lyrics are a hot mess, but when you just listen to the song flow, it kinda makes sense. It just puts in me in a happy mood, is all.

I found this video on youtube, because I was trying to make sense of the lyrics. It was made by someone with the handle 'pockytzz' (which, if it means what I think it means, is about the best snack food from Japan everrr)

Enjoy. :)

semi-review-wee: the Jamaican Patty

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Sooo. Lot of things happening in the world, huh? I'd like to put my two cents in, but I am hideously insensitive. I may muck things up.


I've been extremely lazy lately when it comes to my 2011 resolutions, so to tide me over, I have..semi-review-wee one! It's mini-reviews, of places I've either been to / always been curious about but never really tried.

Yesterday, one of my officemates convinced me to try Jamaican patties. I've always been intrigued by that place, cause a lot of my friends like it a lot. And it always looks so cheerful, with the colorful sign and logo. So, I tried one of the mini-patties.

The Jamaican Mini-Pattie

It was...okay. A bit spicy, but overall, it felt like eating empanada. Am not quite sure if I'll be eating it again, since I don't like anything spicy (I am extremely wussy when it comes to spicy food). But then again, I love empanada. And it was kinda large for a mini-patty. I mean, look at that! It took me a while to get it down.


*Photos, author's own.

darkest mercy FTW!

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February 22 is the sked for the release of the concluding book in the Wicked Lovely series, Darkest Mercy.

Y'all don't have to take my word for it, but...
This book is awesome.

I've found my taste in YA waning because whenever I went to bookstores it was always vampires, werewolves, vampires and werewolves, angels, royal vampires, privileged teens...there just wasn't a lot to hold out for.


Wicked Lovely was such a welcome surprise for me. I loved the story, the characters were engaging, the female characters had agency....everything had me enthralled.

And now, it's almost the final book!

I leave you with the Darkest Mercy book trailer. (btw, how awesomesauce are book trailers? yay!)

*Book trailer originally from HarperTeen, but I got this from YouTube.