darkest Mercy, darkest Mercy, darkest Mercy PLEASE!

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*Rant post: you have been warned.


Soooo frustrated.

I thought, after the long, nearly interminable wait, I could finally get my hands on the last Wicked Lovely book.

I was all set and hyped, I rushed out of work at 4:30 to get to the bookstore. Only, they didn't have the book yet. I was a bit miffed, because this was my favorite bookstore (and waiting spot), so I buy books there as often as I can, to make up for my always being there.

Undaunted, I went to five other bookstores. (This is why it's so much easier to shop in the Ayala area, because three malls, several bookstores...heaven).

Unfortunately, no luck anywhere. The reasons ranged from 'this isn't a same-day everywhere release' to 'the ships have yet to arrive' to 'not available' to 'go away'.

With each store, I felt myself getting more and more obsessive-y. GAH. I'm actually a bit embarrassed, because I was a bit...mean to the salespeople. But I've been waiting for this book for so freaking long, and to be denied this way is JUST NOT FUN!

Finally, having hit all possible bookstores in both Ayala and Global City (yes, I can be that crazy), I had to admit defeat.

Darkest Mercy just wasn't here yet.

Please, book, get here soon!

All the reviews seem to be glowing and I cannot wait anymore!

***Waiting is one of the pitfalls of Book Love, I guess.


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