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"Take the high road. No matter how badly 
you want to lash out at someone, don't do it.
There isn't one time that I've lashed out that 
I haven't deeply regretted."

(Tim Gunn)

***Is my final say on the matter. Bow.

Higher and higher stakes.

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The other day, I was at Festival Mall for stuff.
I've been a bit stressed over everything that's been going on, what with all the work and the going around and the many, many shiny new but old things that have been snatching at my attention.

Hmmm. Rather fancy way for me to say I'm feeling a little bit burnt out. (Is that right? Burntout? Har) So I wasn't quite in the mood for happy cheers at the mall but then, I saw this:

When I was a kid, my mother used to take us to a play castle much like this one. That castle was in Megamall, and my brother and I would spend the whole day just bouncing around inside, shrieking with laughter. My mother had to bring us extra clothes, because according to her, we were incredibly sweaty by the time we'd had enough.

I loved that play castle.

Still, I remember that what I found most difficult about it was the climb towards the "fun". I've always been impatient, and it annoyed*** me that I had to climb that high just to bounce around. It just felt too long and I always seemed too far away, too tired, too everything.

Some days (like now?), I still feel like this. Everything is too far away, I'm too sweaty and there are too many people in the way.

But then I break through. I finish the final bump rung, I see the next step.

And I remember how much fun it is, going up, up, up.

***I am guilty of shoving kids out of my way, to get to where I wanted. (Heh. An overdue apology to anyone I may have bullied in that manner. My wish is that my over-entitled younger self never cause you more than a moment's harm).

review-wee C: Persuasion, Umbrellas and Friends.

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Totally behind on my blog resolution. :( I keep trying to have the time to be updated, but I'm incredibly good at distracting myself when I need to.
But I have to do this, because I like it. And also, I took all those photos of stuff that I intended to write about, and what a waste it would be to not write, when I already expended effort with the camera function of my phone. Heh.***

So let's go! Review-wee C: La Maison Café, also that Dinner Where I Had to Eat Vegetables Else My Ass Would Get Kicked by My Friends.

It was supposed to be this normal Friday evening: finish up, head out, maybe find something to give to my mother as pasalubong. Around this time, I would be feeling sorry for myself, as I was basically living the life of a married woman. A married woman with child. Haha. (No offense meant to married women with children: I just can't exactly be that person right now.)

Thankfully, a timely call from Trixie (T) saying that I had to get myself to Glorietta for some us time saved me. She was with Inna (I), my best friend. They had apparently gone on some sort of date to my school.

I headed to Glorietta, a bit wary and curious as to what we'd do. Just a bit of background: I'm from Laguna, and the three of us, we sort of never hung out outside of school or our houses. Mostly it was cause our group of friends was the sort who liked house parties where we could just laugh and be crazy, also mostly cause we were never allowed anywhere. All our parents were really strict, so we spent a lot of time planning to go to malls in faraway places like Alabang (gasp!) and basically not following through. (Not that I never tried to go malling with friends, it was just that the times I did, I realized my parents were tailing me. To this day, I sometimes still have the urge/feeling of never being able to go anywhere without looking around me to see if I'm being followed.)

It's why I was so excited about this impromptu jaunt: it was impromptu (heh), my parents were most definitely home, and it was for only the second time ever, an out with the Trophy Friends in a place that was far enough away that we had to take a bus home!
I met up with them in Glorietta and we spent some time bouncing around shops and such. It was a lot of entering stores and physically barring T from buying anything, as she claimed her wallet was on a diet. Heh. I was just bouncy, she still fretting over concert tickets she'd won on Twitter. She was also trying to ask me to go with her, so we could 'tugs,tugs,tugs' it, as they say. Though I was incredibly interested, I had plans with the family already.

At some point, one of us got hungry and we tried to find a place to eat, moving to Greenbelt. We had been trying to score a celebrity sighting (because, Greenbelt! Heh) but had to content ourselves with pretty but sadly not famous people as we trawled around for food.
Our first choice was full: there was a line of about twenty people waiting to be seated so we gave up on it.
By chance, we got to La Maison Café. I wasn't quite sure I wanted to eat there, but they were both so hungry. And then, I was won over by the décor:

La Maison Cafe - Umbrellas

Ever since Mesa with Den (hanyan!), I have always liked interesting ceilings, and this one, with umbrellas and lights, definitely qualified. Plus, my friends let me have the couch. And when I see a couch, I know I'm home.

So we settled in, and were a bit taken aback cause there was only quite a few people: only three (four, counting us) of the tables were taken. Still, we were already rather feeling the place (For me, Nothing quite compares to the feeling that I can actually be in places like this now, with no need to ask the parents for anything. :) ) and asked for the menu.
I actually thought La Maison was European: I have this thing about any name involving 'La' or 'Le'. I automatically associate it with Europe. I have no idea why. Well, some idea. It must be cause I took beginner courses in Italian and Spanish, and they all seemed to use a variation of this as their 'the'. And since those are the Romance languages, and French is one as well...

Anyway! Because I thought it was French, I was intrigued that they had what my friends ultimately ordered: bentos! Not just bentos, confusingly named bentos!
I ordered the Rib Bento (baby back ribs complete with pasta/rice, salad, soup and iced tea), T had the Euro Chicken Bento (chicken complete with pasta/rice, salad, soup and iced tea) and I ordered the Asian Persuasion Sandwich.
Their service was excellent: we ordered and were served with soup (excellent soup!) within ten minutes. Plus, it wasn't difficult to get water from them. (This is always a plus for me, the Water Monster) The Bentos looked excellent: 

The Rib Bento

The Chicken Bento
I always like food laid out in this manner, because it makes it easier to sample everything without getting the other parts of your meal 'dirty'.
Seeing how nice their food looked made me long for mine, so imagine my surprise when I got this:

The Asian Persuasion Sandwich

That's right: the Asian part of the Asian Persuasion Sandwich is, apparently, a ton of Greens. I have no guesses what the Persuasion part is, since mine came from the other two elements of this photo: that's T over there, with her glasses and photog face on. I is the one in the middle. And, no, actually I don't think she was even taking a photo of my sandwich. She was trying to become Mayor of Davao street. Heh.

I knew the moment I made a move to dissect my sandwich that I would get it from my friends. Still, I tried and was roundly rebuked for wasting money ("Cutting the lettuce* from that sandwich is like throwing away your money!), being a poser ("How can you be working at a place called the Nutrition Center of the Philippines, anyway!?") and finally, outright threats ("You had better eat everything!")
Normally, things like these do nawt work on me. I have shields in place. Perhaps it was the fact that this was the most grown up Trophy Friend Activity Ever, perhaps it was the idea of Trying Something New, and well, there was also the threat of Violence.
I gave in. It was fine. It was like eating green apples, except well, I knew it wasn't an apple. The sandwich helped. I have actually spent quite a lot of time actively searching for this particular Green, but have never been successful. (Anyone know what this is, please tell me)

If I squint, I can imagine this being a giant green apple...
We all dug in and had a bonus: earlier we were griping about the lack of Celebrity Sightings (heh. I love my friends) and who would walk in to La Maison but Jed Madella! He was with a group of people and they took a table to our right, so were able to watch him.

We were quite happy to shoot him furtive glances, and rib each other about asking for a photo. Hihi. None of us did it, but well, we're like that. Posers. :D

All in all, excellent food, excellent company, and I got to eat vegetables.
La Maison Café is awesome.

*Is this lettuce? My mother tells me it isn't. Someone tell me!!!

***Photos a combination of my own and my friends.

I feel pretty today.

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So I had to take a photo. Heh. It is a weirdly-angled photo, and no, I wasn't going for artistic. I honestly just don't know how to take a self-portrait.

I read a lot of fashion blogs and I see the people who do this thing where they take a photo of what they wear everyday to share it. It seems fun. (I follow a few people's lookbooks from time to time)

But since I'd feel a bit drained by doing that daily, I just enjoy watching/reading other people do it. 

Still, today, I felt the need to share. Perhaps I'm feeling pretty good because of what I ate, or because I got to sleep in this weekend. Or because I got to catch up on Chuck. Or because I'm blogging again, however weirdly. 

But mostly, it's cause I like what I'm wearing. 

Don't you just love being a girl? :)
Top: Gift from my mom Skirt: Ukay Shoes: Mendrez *

*Okay. So I tried to do that whole thing they do where they share where they bought the clothes. But I kinda failed cause the only thing I remember buying are these shoes. ahahahaa.
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even if it breaks your heart to be "just friends," 
if you really care about someone, 
you'll take the hit."
          (JD, Scrubs)