semi review-wee: pizza fries

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I have a serious case of the Sads this week. I want to chalk it up to the weather but sadly, I think it is quite possibly more the things that I have been doing this week.Things like thinking, not thinking, losing things, thinking, not thinking...sooo I have the Sads. 

Most of the time, when I am feeling particularly down, I just need to do something new to perk up. Or something I enjoy. Usually, it is eating gelato. But I've been a bit sick these past few days so gelato is not really an option. So it was something new that I was curious about: PIZZA FRIES!

What are pizza fries? They're...I am actually not sure but they look interesting:

It's revolutionary, y'alls!
Pizza fries are a Greenwich product, one of their side dishes. I think they are meant to combine the flavor of pizza and the crunch of potatoes into one delicious creation. Also, iced tea on the bottom! (Going off on that, what IS with all the combined food and drink meals these days? Is this where we are as a society now? Are we now completely ignoring the idea of food being a relaxing time of your day? Must we become like this?!?)

Well. I can honestly say that if I were the sort of person who spent my mealtimes standing in line somewhere or while commuting from one place to another, this meal would be my...fifth choice. It is fries, with ridges in them. (To imitate the mouthfeel of pizza?) 
It is also quite fun to see children stare at you drinking a straw of (what appears to them as) fries. I had one child looking at me on the bus and turning to his mom: "I didn't know you could use straws with those." 

All in all, this DID ease my Sads a bit. It was quite yummy (though it did nawt really combine pizza and fries in any manner) and I got iced tea out of it. I am also now capable of eating without looking like a doof on buses, so there's that. 
Although this whole eating made easy thing should make me feel happy because I do eat a lot on the go, it only gives me a bit of the mini-Sads cause I always like to relax when eating. Does this mean we can't do that anymore?

The future of food
*Photos, my own.
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"So maybe we are caught in 
an endless cycle of screw-ups and hurt feelings.
But I choose to believe it's just the universe's 
way of molding us into some
kind of super group person.
Yes, like the Traveling Wilburys of pain, 
prepared for any insane adventure life throws our way.
And I don't know about you but 
I'm looking forward to every one of them."

(Jeff Winger, Community)

review-wee D: Black Soup Kitchen + Artspace

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*I have been really lazy. Technically, lazy is my default setting. But still. Another review-wee!

Early this year, I met Den and Noy for lunch, a monumental event that has yet to happen again. This, I assure you, is not an overstatement (although how I wish!).
I remember the last time the three of us were together was Tiendesitas, when Noy and I applied for something in Eastwood and visited Den at her job there, in FunRanch. (Sidenote: FunRanch is totally fun-looking. I'm certain that if I were below ten, I'd have tons of fun there. Alright, you caught me. I still wanted to try their attractions when I was there, but I didn't want to embarrass anyone.) This date/event was also notable in that it was the first time I had ever commuted anywhere wearing shorts. Hek.

The last time Den and I met up was for Comic Con, August, I believe. This, if I'm right in my rememberings, is the first time I'm meeting Noy outside of grad-related activities. Sooo much texting and SNS-tagging before we got to this point: we had to pick a place that was midway between the three of us, would it be dinner or lunch, what would we do?? (See? I'm nawt the only neurotic person in my circle.)

We met at around lunchtime, in school (our midway between the three of us meeting place was a wash because we had a place in mind). We had decided on eating because, well, have you met us?

I arrived early so I had a few moments to myself, savoring the rather odd mix of green, gray and white that I only ever find in this spot, in this school. This particular morning, there wasn't a lot of activity yet, so I was just sitting around, looking at nothing. There's always this sweet bit of satisfaction when I come back, knowing how much fun it all was. 

School, never change.
Den arrives, looking all cute and summery. We had to wait for a bit but it was worth it: we got to see Ninoy in a vest. (Heh. Unfortunately, my phone died* then so I will just assure everyone that he looked cute)

Having met up, we headed to Teacher's Village for some food. Originally, we wanted to go to another place, where we'd heard mind-altering food was being served. (Okay, that wasn't the term. It was more...mood-enhancing food.)

Unfortch (I have always wanted to try that unfortunate-looking slang word!), they only opened at 5PM. And because of this, we got to go to a new place: Black Soup Kitchen + Artspace, in UP Village.

Allowing for the fact that the whole place was enhanced by the presence of two of my most favorite people in the world, I loved it. There was just such fun in the d├ęcor of the place: the tables, the walls, the fact that we got to drink water served out of wine bottles. It was fun!

Also, I liked the music that they had. I found it very soothing yet dance-y.

I liked their tables: glass topped with photos and such underneath. Also, that is Den's food, and it was yummy. Noy had pasta, which was also quite good. in an interesting way. My only quibble would be the servings: they were a bit on the small side.

Every table should be like this!

I ordered chicken and it came with greens again! (It's like attack of the vegetables this week/that week) Still, it was very good. 

My food is the most important part of this photo
All in all, Black Soup was a fun experience. 

My favorite representations of fun. (Also, VEST!)
 Walking around after, we had to go to Combi, our favorite dessert place for Fried Cookies!We also noticed that there were tea places and froyo places in Teacher's Village now. Sigh, change.
Seriously, fried cookies are THE BEST. You have not lived until you've had them.

I will now leave you with your short-term goal for this week: fried cookies. 

Definitely one for every bucket list (if you have a bucket list, that is)

Have a happy rest of the weekend, world!

*I apologize for the lack of photos. My phone died so I wasn't able to take a lot.  I know that no one really misses my forays into photography but this entry is kinda a really, really weak review-wee because it. 
***Photos mostly Denise Fontanilla.

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"Maybe that's what real friendship is...
Getting so used to people that 
you need to be annoyed by them."

          (Going Bovine, Libba Bray)

This is an amazing book, which I finished reading a couple weeks ago. Read it! Read it now. 
This is a very lacking apology, but I need the courage to go for the real deal.

I think I've just realized this lately, how different life gets when you're already "grown up". Somehow, things that were as easy as going somewhere and texting a friend your location, saying you want a meal mate, and waiting the requisite five minutes...they don't really happen anymore. And by that, I mean they don't happen at all. Everyone has work and budgets and family and boyfriends and overtime and other new-er friends that the others tend to fall by the wayside. Much as I'd like to pretend to be the one always getting bailed on, I have to admit I've done enough leaver-behindering, as a blocmate would term it. Heh.

And now that I have successfully lost myself, let's get back to it!
To the awesome people who are the awesome part of my awesome life: I'm really sorry if I was mean to you this past week.

Please know that I am ruminating on these feelings and doing my best to be better.

A b-word that rhymes with witch

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is what I have been lately.

I've been moody, restless, highly (AND how) emotional, and incredibly shallow.

This week has been all about Amae, and considering how most weeks, I do revolve around me, the realization that this week has been even more about me is really startling, on my part. (See? Even admitting this to myself sounds less self-aware and more self-centered.)

It's definitely me. This past month has made me re-evaluate myself. It's made me see a lot of things inside me that I should really change.

For instance, this thing with ranting about being sad over failed go-outs and disappointing people. I should be better at articulating this to the right people, not spewing it all over the Internets. I will always maintain that not a lot of people are aware of my blog, but still. That was wrong.

It's just that it's hard to admit to myself that a lot of things in my life need more work!

But then again.

They do say admission (heh, I'm using that word wrong) is the first step.

I just have to take the rest of this weekend to process these thoughts into actual steps of change.

Help me.
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True love is not real,
unless it is returned.

(Katharine, The Vampire Diaries)

Gawsh, I feel sad. 
I don't understand why I can feel so goopy and uninspired over random things that should not really affect me in any way. Well, I mean they should affect me. But not so much!
I feel all levels of underappreciated and overextended and self-disappointed.
All a bunch of made up states of myself that mean only one thing: I am the one who brought this all on myself.

I should just take the advice of the people I have highly annoyed with this issue: they don't care, so I should stop caring.

This is one of those days when I just wish I could live in my favorite page in my favorite book and do my favorite activity: never turn the page.

I just saw someone being stolen from.

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I'm sitting here, trying to process what just happened.

It's early in the morning, and I'm walking from the bus stop to the place where I wait for the jeep to the office. There aren't a lot of people around, mostly early office people and some security guards. There's also the early vendors: taho and puto, and the like.

I spot two people walking a few feet ahead of me: I notice the first guy because he's wearing a UP shirt. Also, he has headphones on and, he's smoking. His friend, who I notice second, is wearing gray. Gray shirt, gray shorts, gray bag.

I was a bit out of it this morning, cause I was running late, so I was going to run past them.

We were on the stairs to Magallanes, I was at the top and they were near the bottom. As I was attempting this plan, I realized something.

They weren't friends.

The Gray Guy was actually stealing from UP Shirt!*

I was also a bit slow in realizing this, and when I did, I waved my arms crazily. I did my best to try to catch up to them, but was unsuccessful because I was slow, UP Shirt was wearing headphones, and also cause I was scared. (I mean, what was I going to do? Kick the pickpocket away? Using what? My never before tested karate skillz? Heh. I still feel incredibly sad and guilty that I was of no help.)

I was reduced to looking at them. Finally, having gotten whatever it was he got out of the bag, Gray Guy turned.

He looked straight at me.

He looked...he looked...scared. 

I know I'm supposed to be mad at criminals. I mean, I work hard to keep myself in the crazy headbands and funny belts and the outs with friends. So I should really be angry that someone can just take stuff away from another person, who most certainly (usually) worked hard to achieve those things.

But all those things I just said, they're ideas, notions and thoughts you have about criminals.

This is the first time I've ever come across the real thing. Seeing a person doing something wrong and looking like he knows this, it hits me differently.

I am not saying what he did was right: stealing from someone is and will always be wrong.

I'm just saying. I know it's wrong, but I don't know how I feel about that.

*I normally try my best to refrain from this whole referring to people by their clothes thing, as it is rather mean. But really, I don't know them, and physical descriptions would be more difficult.