working my way to Happiness

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I'm a Coca-Cola Bottle! :)
It's always nice to see how projects you're part of appear in real life. 

Today was Coca-Cola's Christmas Tree Lighting, and Starlink was there to help out and make merry. Truthfully, it was touch and go for a while, with all the prep and the running around. One learning to carry with me forever, NEVER wear heels when you're going to be running around. Your feet will hate you.*

Sigh. As tiring and crazy everything is lately, there are moments when everything evens out. 

Somehow, even with all of the thoughts weighing me down right now, I try to do what I can and pray, pray, pray that everything will work out.

*This clashes with Trophy Wife Training, though. Sigh. 
**Photo courtesy of F Chavez. 

nothing, really.

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I'm sick. :(

Gah, that sad smiley (I've always found that a bit of a misnomer. Sad Smiley.) belongs there. I'm coughing and annoying everyone around me. This long weekend is a big blessing, if only because I was able to just lay around and comfort by body with copious amounts of television and reading.

I wish more long weekends existed. Honestly, one of the key reasons to miss school would be this: the knowledge of steady vacation times. When I think of all the times I went to summer school or stayed at the dorm during weekends to prep for tests/presentations, I want to shake my younger self.

Now, in my wish to avoid traffic tomorrow, I am back at the boarding house, just being my bright and sunny self. Not.

There's something about being sick that makes me more downers than usual. I feel like everything is such a waste of time: movement, conversation, even sticking to a point on this entry.

But I feel like writing, even crappily, is something that I should stick to more.

Some thoughts pouring and shoving and shuffling around in my head:

  • I watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall last night, to further explore my love for Jason Segal. Well, did I ever get some exploration done. I honestly thought it would be like 500 Days of Summer, and I was shocked that it was...not. At all. Still, it was fun. If only to remind myself that clearly, some things end to make way for better, nicer, less annoying things.
  • I also updated my TVD streak, and holy plotlines, Batman, is that show on a tear. I really rather love Evil Stefan best. I also love how adorable Caroline is, and how we're slowly building Bonnie up. I rather don't like the gaps in the transfer of the Salvatore manse to Elena's name (Have we all forgotten the house is hers? Why is everyone living there now?!), the "Siring" tomfoolery and all the jerking around of poor Matty. Stop hurting the sweetest human being on the show, Show.
  • I can't believe it's Christmas. I mean, it's Christmas. Wow. 
  • This Halloween, as a pirate, marks maybe the first time I have ever made an effort for Halloween's sake. 
  • I wish, wish, wish, hope, pray that tomorrow is a bright day, full of clear-minded people and solid talks. 
  • Also managed to catch the latest GG. That Prince Louis is still beautiful and lispy. Sigh. I can't quite accept this Blair-Pregnancy storyline, so I'm only watching the show sporadically, but I certainly hope this show's writers know where they're going. Even if they're only able to give nudges to people about the loves of their lives, and such.
  • GAH, tomorrow in a few short hours. 
  • Please no more coughing tomorrow, PLEASE.
  • I just saw this feature on the news and it turns out there are people who live in cemeteries. Dear me, that just makes me sad. 
I have to sign off, cause I'm just prattling on about nothing.