party girl failure

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This was an actual conversation between me and an Opus employee:

A: Hi! I um, left my clothes there the other day. Do you think it's possible---
OE: (cuts me off, in a judgement-filled voice) I'm sorry, Ma'am, did you just say you Left Your Clothes here?
A: Oh. Well, yes. In your bathroom. I mean, I wasn't wearing them at the time.
OE: (Silence, loaded with more judgement) I see.
A: No, that-that doesn't mean what you think it means! I mean (senses that everything is going nowhere,fast)
 Look, I just left a plastic bag of clothes in your bathroom. Would it be possible that they're still there?
OE: Well, we do have a lost and found section for...incidents. You can come by and check there.
A: Terrific! I'll do that! (while vowing in my heart to never do that, and possibly, never to return to Opus, ever again)

GAH. How humiliating.

The office party was jarring in more ways than one. For one thing, it was quite different from the NCP party, although both also had public humiliation (Goodness, I thought CRS would be the last time I'd ever have to get costumes for anything. If I'd known, I would never have thrown out my wings. Eeek, wings.) But it was less...conservative, I guess. I don't have a better word for it. 

I was also a lot more tired. I had just finished the Q1 FTV plan, and was honestly hoping to beg off the Christmas party. I wanted a more private party. My bed, my dreams, me asleep. Unfortunately, that was not to be. Also, the party theme was my life motto, so I couldn't not go. Also hello, massive amounts of free food! Plus, I feel like I'd have been teased for not going. Sigh. And I kind of still need to ease up on my pikon self.

So, I went and lost my clothes in the process. I should clear that up, as it sounds so wrong this way. They were my earlier, office clothes. I had to change clothes to my performance get up and then to my party dress, so I somehow missed the office clothes. Most probably due to liberal amounts of Vodka Sprite, Rum Coke and I think beer, somewhere. (It was most definitely the beer. I only ever get cray-cray over that, that's my alcoholic Kryptonite.)

I want to maintain that I wasn't drunk. If that was me drunk, she was an improvement over old me drunk, cause she was way boring. :) I definitely remember everything I did that night, and can even state that I left my clothes in the bathroom. (My BAG OF CLOTHES) But I do wish I'd eaten more and drank nothing, because I was running on 3 hours of sleep. (Never drink on empty, people!) I think I went a little hard on the alcohol, cause I was feeling celebratory, so there it was.

Now, it's the next day and I'm not even hung over, which kind of takes the whole sting out.

My only real sadness is that I lost my 'Ignorance is Boring' shirt, plus my favorite tube top. I love that shirt. And it was a limited edition, so I'll never get another. Sigh. Plus, my favorite tube! That one went with everything! GAH.

I can't quite say it's been interesting. I'm hardly a straight-edge girl but then again, perhaps judgey people,even ones you don't know, will do that to you.  Make you feel all twisty and sad inside, even when you were maybe only a little bit in the wrong. And shows you, that, clearly, party girl is nawt ever going to be a dimension of you. (My Trophy Wife training is beginning to be doomed.)

Ehe. Okay, perhaps I was quite a bit more wrong than that. But still.

Atleast now I know what it feels to lose my clothes in a public place. :)

view, muse, hmmmm.

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Just got in from work. GAH. Somehow, going back to the late hours feels different these days. It sometimes feels like I was on a really long vacation at NCP. Although, let's be fair, I had late nights there, too. It's just that right now, it seems that I can count how many times I don't have late nights...on one hand? (haha exag to the max!)

Anyway, I'm here in the new dorm (it is just the year of movement for me!) and I just have to share the view out my window:

Guess the buildings!
Weird, fakey shot*

Sooooo much better than the previous view out my window in my old boarding house. And so different from the view from my real room,where trees and fences and the occasional cat/bird napping near my window sill. Heh. 

But, strangely, I like this view.

I've always said that I will always, always be a country person. I mean, the city is great for visits, and shopping. But now, seeing as I'm nawt staying in one place, safely cocooned in an area with it's own laws and movie theaters (School, how I miss you.), I kind of see how many other things I can appreciate about the city. Which, in a lot of ways, mirrors how I feel about life in the actual city/current job, as compared to, well, Diliman.

Like how much you can learn just from getting lost everywhere. Or how many people you can meet when you open yourself up to it. Or how fun it is to become one of the boys. And how, sometimes, no matter how difficult the OT/shoot/event/meeting is going, a part of you still feels like it's worth it. 

Maybe I'm too tired. Or maybe I'm trying my best to be hopeful, because I am for serious tired these days.

But I do feel that I'm doing the right thing, sometimes. 

I just have to hope and pray and leave the rest up to Fate. :)

*I swear, I am useless with a camera. You would think I'd be better at this, but I am so nawt. Perhaps when I become a Trophy Wife, I will be able to expend more effort into my photography skillzzz. Heh.

burnout, pending.

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"Do not confuse
your job with
your Life."
(Captain Awesome, Chuck)


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The other day, my heart was warmed because my Lola tendencies towards technology led to a cute Facebook note from one of my Sampa sisters. I'm linking to it here, but I'm certain not everyone will see it, so with her permission, I repost the note below:

Ang Mathematical Symbol ng Pag-ibig: <3 

by Lian Martecio on Thursday, 1 December 2011 at 21:24

Napansin mo ba na ang shortcut keys ng simbolong ♥ ay isang matematical equation? Bakit nga ba less than sign at number three ang simbolong bumubuo sa pusong ito? Hindi ako Mathematician pero may teorya ako. Ibig lang atang sabihin nito na sa isang relasyon, hindi maaaring 3 o higit pa ang involved. Sabi nga sa ingles, "Three is a crowd". Kung hindi mo pa rin naiintindihan, BAWAL ANG THIRD PARTY!

Pero parang pinapahiwatig din nito ang realidad na hindi naman palaging 2 kayo sa relasyon. Yun siguro yung ideal. Yun yung gusto ng marami. Yun ang nakakakilig. Pero sabi nga ni KC Concepcion, "Hindi lahat nadadaan sa kilig".

E paano kung mag-isa ka lang? Unrequited love ang drama, teh? Ay, ang sakit. :_( 
Minsan naman (o madalas) parang Coke lang ang
Pwede ring maging negative. Yun siguro, kahit sarili nya di nya kayang mahalin. Nyaks! :/

So dapat pala ang formula ng ideal na pag-ibig ay ito: |2| (absolute value of 2). Walang labis, walang kulang.

Kaya siguro marami ang naloloko at nabobobo ng dahil sa pag-ibig...

Kasi marami sa atin ang ayaw sa Math. Ayaw pag-aralan. Ayaw intindihin. 

Inuulit ko, hindi ako Mathematician. Hindi rin ako love expert. Nagmamarunong lang :)

Ikaw, anong equation ng lovelife mo?

You're wondering what it has to do with me. After all, I have no Love (and sometimes, no Life?) to speak of. :) It's all because I watched the latest Star Cinema romcom, Won't Last A Day Without You, starring Sarah Geronimo and Gerald Anderson. 
I don't know why I watched it, honestly. Well. I watched it because it's a thing, always has been, to watch Sarah Geronimo movies. We (my friends and I) adore her. I've always watched this with a certain group of friends but our schedules never seem to match, so I watched with other friends. :)

 And I found it so nice that I made it my Facebook status, saying that if I only knew how to make the heart sign appear on Facebook, I'd be using it for the movie. One of my friends saw this and told me how to make the heart sign. (For other Lola Facebook users, it's the less than sign (<) plus the number 3.)

She says she came up with her note because I kept bothering her about the hear sign, heh.

I guess I agree with what she says. Love, the romantic, squee-inducing SarahG-GeraldA Love, is hard, especially when it's more or less than two people.

I've been through both kinds (the more than and the less than) and both are not enjoyable. I guess it's because I'm not very good at Math. 

Still, right now, being in love with myself is quite enough. Atleast I know when I give myself shoes, they won't be used to leave. :)

But then again. 

Then again, I don't know. There's just something about being in Love, it's some sort of eternal high. I have officemates who are ridiculously happy and in love and it's great to see them that way. I can't help but sigh and wish for the same for myself.

Ah well.

I'm certain my co-absolute value is around here, somewhere, hopefully wondering the same thing.

***One nerdy side-aside-note, can you believe that people are now doing this kind of thinking about Facebook symbols? Oh Computers, you are Everywhere.