Starlink Moment: Beki Day

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One thing I adore about my officemates is how game they are. These boys are always, always up for anything. Even this:

The Starlink Men :)
We dared Hans, Quico and Kris to be bekis for a day in exchange for dinner at Vikings.
Well, I guess they earn that dinner, based on the blackmail potential of the photos (and videos) we got.

Sigh. I guess it's more fun in Starlink. Clearly. :D

CMCing (and getting over) Change.

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During the long weekend for Chinese New Year, the Trophy Friends and I went back to school. We've all been experiencing stirrings of a quarter-life crisis, so we decided we needed the familiarity of our school to lull us back to the reality that we were really only 22 and had no right to a quarter life crisis.

But then, we saw that even our school had gone ahead and changed on us.

For one, our college canteen had changed locations! From Gloria's, we were now Long Island!

Long I!
I admit, this particular change, I liked. I love Long I's chicken and pasta, it was my go-to food for when I was feeling tense from acads and org stuff. Still, I was shocked that our college was like that now. I mean, Long I isn't exactly that affordable. I guess it's true that the incoming people are...different.

Then, we went inside and boom, more change:

The CRes Lobby is literally just a lobby now. No more couch. :/
For some weird (?) reason, we now have a row of computers near the CMC photocopy station.

Still, we had fun posing near our CRes spots:

The Trophy Friends

Dito pala sa Skywalk na-relocate si CRes couch.
 We also had to explore the rest of the school, so we went to AS and found this:

The Blue Room
It's PH 106, if I remember it right. We found it curious that this room was tiled and renovated, while everything else remained the same. Heh.

And walking everywhere, we went through our favorite path and found it much changed:

Teletubby Land 2.0
The grounds between AS and CMC/Music/Engg are now cemented and for some reason, they also decided to make some sort of waterless stream. I am a bit annoyed at this change, as I passed many a pleasant afternoon in the old grounds, eating and having fun with friends. It's so different now, as the trees feel secondary to everything that is cemented and false-rock-ed.

By then, we were getting kinda hungry, so we went to SC and saw this:

Rowdics Squared
 Yep. There are now two Rodic's stores in SC, directly facing one another. The other Rodic's spot was once this purple resto place that sold mantao and really large siopao. Miranda's is also gone, replaced by a store called 'The Holy Book'. And I think there is a store that now sells milk tea, so wow. Way to keep up with food trends, School!

Overall, it was still our school. It just got...a facelift of sorts. Haha. I don't know how to feel about it, honestly. I've gone back to school several times since I graduated, and a few of these changes were already on the horizon. I guess it's still a bit different when Change wallops you in the face.

Then again, that feeling was still there.

The feeling of complete and intense freedom that I only have when I'm at school.

So perhaps Change can come, but it's not going to take everything away. Overall, our school is still ours. Always.

*Photos courtesy of Dheng Ordonio.

best wishes to you.

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The other day, I was on CDO (compulsory day off) to chill and have a look-see at AFM classes.
I'm proud to report that I only got semi-lost going back to Ayala! (I only had to consult with Chris once to be sure that I was going the right way!)

Back in Glorietta, while waiting for my cousin, I ate at French Baker and saw this:

HS Love Triangle*
The couple on the left were buying tea at Cha Time. They are either dating, or really close friends, because as the girl was reaching over to give her share for the drinks, the guy kept refusing her money. They even played bato bato pik (rock-paper-scissors) for it. The girl won, and the guy took her money and when she turned to get her drink, the guy put the money back in her bag! Which, is something I totally remember from HS, when your money mysteriously ends up in your wallet again even after you give your share. Sigh.

Anyway, what I found hilarious was the reaction of the girl on the right, opposite them. While they were being all puppy love-ish adorable, she was staring daggers at them. She even rolled her eyes at one point. I don't want to say she's bitter, she may just be over high school. haha.

Of the three of them, I'd really rather be on the right. Some things, I know, are worth the effort. Maybe I'll get to the mature point this year. 2012 is the year of a mature Amae!
Imma fix my issues and think this through again. :)

*Photo my own. I purposely made it far enough away to get away with posting. But I do think I'm improving at photo taking! YAY!
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“My younger self had come back to shock my older self with what that self had been, or was, or was sometimes capable of being.”
(Julian Barnes, The Sense of an Ending)


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is such a hateful word.

panic attacks.
day in, day out.
I want to go

What's going to happen to me? Why DOES this keep happening to me?

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soul-search·ing (slsûrchng)
A penetrating examination of one's motives, convictions, and attitudes.
*From the

Soul searching is an honest evaluation of your feelings and motives. (noun)
Soul searching is an examination of one's conscience especially with regard to motives and values 
Soul searching is today. 
*From ME! 
Wee, hooray for CDOs! 

Cheer Up Amae Day (only at night)!

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I was incredibly sads the other day over work, so my friends N and N (like the chocolate, only they don't melt but make you happy and bouncy all the time) took me out to Burgos, to Chicken and Beer, this Korean food place. So yum.

Above is my favorite shot of the night, showing my friends taking wacky photos near the resto's angel wings wall. :)

It warms my heart to know I have people who I can count on for things like this. Someone who'll just listen, and stuff me with Ferreros as I get over my bad mood.

To a year of more time with Friends! :)

hello, 2012!

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Hello, 2012!

What a year this has been, with all the movement, and the dancing, and the weird dates, and funny boys, and the shoes, and the late nights, and the fun days, and the crazy moments, and the clothes leaving, and clothes buying---alright, it was an event-filled year. 

And now, it's 2012, which means:
  • It's the rumored end of days. Eh. No comment.
  • It's 100 Years of Happiness for Coca-Cola in the Philippines! :D Let's go, 2013! haha joke.
  • It's the year of a more grown up, less whiny Amae.
  • It's hopefully, the year of more Laughter and Love.
  • Avengers! (sorry, Fangirl!)
I originally didn't want a planner this year, figuring on making this year more of a take it easy, slow it down year. But then I realized how much needed planning and doing this year, so I took it back. Plus, my friends gave me the giving journal by CBTL (when you get this planner, you sponsor a child's education, so GO GET IT!) and in my quest for a new planner design every year (that is nawt BDJ), I took it.

So far, it's less demanding than my previous planners. No timelines, no strict budget sheets, just lovely, lovely expanses of space for all my activities:

I love it, so much. I want planning to be chill and undemanding, like the Imaginary Boyfriend I wish I had right now. (So I can go to the Death Cab for Cutie concert with someone. haha throwing tangent out into the Universe, please.)

Happy 2012, everyone!