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And if there's a moral there, 
I don't know what it is, save
maybe that we should take
our goodbyes whenever we can,
and that's all.

(Barbie, Sandman, I Woke Up and One Of Us Was Crying)

***I'll miss you so,so,so much. I thank you for everything you ever gave me, the encouragement, the laughter, the guidance. I want to believe I was able to give back even just a portion of what you gave to me, though in my heart, I'm afraid that isn't at all true. I've always wanted to be the sort of person who can express my feelings, someone who can show how I feel but I've never been good at that. I just hope you know how much you were, and are, loved. We're all in a daze without you, kol. I'm so confused. I want to do something for you, but I don't know what. So I'll just promise to stick to your 3-point rule for me: only swim where I can tread, beer is a test, and laughter forever. Thank you.*** 


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