Realization for the Day: I admit I'm Spoiled but I'm working on It/That/Me.

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"Papa, spoiled po ba ako?
Ofcourse not, Princess! Sino nagsasabi nyan sayo?"

- My father to me, August 2012

My dad was on his way home from Pampanga today, so he stopped by my office to take me to home (sadly, only to the dorm boo my job) and get my other things in preparation for Project C. When I was at PSRC and he was still working in Makati, my dad and I would go home everyday, having dinner and talking about our jobs. Well, I would talk about my job, and I would nod at his job. :) I've missed that, those moments of just us, in the car and Papa Jack (My father finds the problems on that show hilarious. He says it makes him realize how much easier life was when he was young and he found the One immediately.)

Anyways, today was such a stressful day that I was extra extra whiny to certain friends about it, and someone called me a spoiled brat. Which isn't exactly a new insult. That's everyone's favorite label for me, and it never really bothers me because, well, I'm nawt really spoiled at all. Not in the bad sense, anyway.

I think.

But it bothered me enough to ask my father about it anyway, resulting in the conversation above.* And I guess, it is semi-true. I am slightly spoiled. I've always been. I'm blessed with extremely loving parents who have given me everything I ever needed, wanted, thought of, within reason. 

I have an awesome life, period.

And that's why tonight, with this ride home from work with my daddy, all I wanted was to whine and cry and beg to resign from these stupid ideas and life plans and career goals that truthfully make no sense at all at this moment, what with everyone leaving and trying out new things, and me stuck here with nowhere to move.

But I didn't. Partly because I know it would earn me a lecture, mostly because the term 'Princess' is a gentle reminder, nudging me that when it comes right down to it, my parents are always on my side, which sometimes means not being on my literal side in any of my fights with life.

All I'm saying is, I know I'm spoiled and I have a lot of growing up to do, in all aspects of life. And growing up means sticking it out, relying on my inner cheerleader and not being so reactive to everything around me.

I have to do my best because my parents gave me an awesome childhood. I need to give them back an awesome adulthood.

*I can assure you, reader, my father was quite sincere when he said that. My father is one of three men who call me Princess, and it's always been one of my favorite ways to be addressed. Because when done right, it makes me feel happy. hahahahah labooooo.


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