faire du leche-vitrines

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translates, according to my Module 5 professor, to window shopping.*

And this was my main Friday night activity with my dormmate/officemate M today.

As it was Friday, we decided to go home early and not OT our time away. 

I was (is, constantly) feeling restless and asked if we could walk around for a bit. It was a good thing that M wanted to see where Studio Fix (my hair place) was, so we went there, and let the night lead us into the rest.

I'm the type of person that always gets taken in by pretty things: I have pretty low impulse control. This, coupled with my need to explore every possible nook and cranny of every place, has led me to some interesting purchase decisions over the years.

Basically, I never window shop. I pretend to, but I almost always get something.

Among the things that I have accumulated over years of low impulse control are shoes (another obsession altogether, honestly), various dream catchers stationed everywhere in my room, hair pieces that I use for everything but my hair, and even some pretty notebook/notepads combination.

I cannot count my books here, because really, BOOOOOOOOOKS.

I'm like a magpie, only it doesn't even have to be shiny.

Over the years, I did all I could to ease away from my magpie tendencies: I avoided malls unless I had a list, I only brought specific amounts of money with me daily, and I earmarked a specific amount of money for books. 

I have been somewhat successful over the years.**

Tonight was a test of sorts for me, as I was able to rein in spending money on this pair of Ipanema sandals, which I am on my 3rd month of 6th month rule-ing.*** I was also able to turn away from this cute khaki dress, the notion of Fries, and this really fun ice cube shaper that I felt I really needed.

I only spent for food at Tous Les Jours, and we were even in time for their buy one, take one activities! 

Somehow, magically, I was able to turn away from everything, because I knew I would be in BKK next week. 

I am actually saving up and considering my coming activities before my current needs.

It's taking all of me, but I like this slow, steady race towards growing up. :)

*Sidebar (my sidebars have returned!), don't you just adore how Francais is so specific? And so long? :) I promise, this isn't ironic. I really like how the language flows. When spoken properly, it's quite beautiful.
**Sidebar number two: one of my Philosophy professors once said that the irony of not buying anything in malls was rather quiet. After all, even if you didn't buy anything, you paid (fare, gas) to get there. Then there
would parking, food, etc. I like that description: quiet. You always think you only get what you need, then boom. Not at all, not at all, not at all.
***The Six Month Rule: For any expensive item, one must wait six months if it will be worth it. So far, those sandals are shaping up
 to be worth it, harumph.


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