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"I know now, Kostya, I understand now, that in our work -- and it makes no difference whether we're acting or whether we're writing -- the main thing is not the fame, not the glory, no the things that I used to dream of; it's the ability to endure. Learn to bear your cross; have faith. I have faith, and for me, the pain is less. And when I think about my vocation, I am not afraid of life."

(Nina to Kostya, The Seagull)

I am currently reading a collection of Anton Chekhov's plays, and the Seagull is constantly on my mind. 

Mostly because I am regressing and becoming stupid in the head lately. GAH. I have to bring my A game back to my life. 

It's unfair to everyone whose working their asses off, while I coast. 

Also, I have never been a coaster. (Side note, how would it feel to be like a coaster for reals? Either a roller coaster, which would be exciting or a glass coaster, which would be...annoying. ahahaha)

Re-booting, please.


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