I need a boost.

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Or an escape.

I'm so sick of everything lately.

I hate all of this.

I feel like I've done all the right steps, and yet, no one is there to help me.

More than the exhaustion, it's the dismay, the realization that there is no one left here who cares about us. Everyone great has left, and we are the ones left to cover the ever-widening gaps.

Today, the priest said something extremely loaded: "Let us Love the Lord in others."

And I am trying but, this is SO HARD.

I'm about to break, and it ain't gonna be pretty.

I pray that I can get through, I've been keeping my head down (within reason) but it's getting close to breakpoint.

As I begin this week, this is my prayer: Lord, let me love You in others.

Help me, 2014 is so far away.


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