This high always begins with a prayer.

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I very rarely fly alone, so I am usually holding hands with family, or holding hearts and eyes and excitement with friends.(I can actually count the number of times I've ever been on a plane alone: it's...three. And at 24, that actually feels strange.)

The prayer, this handhold, the safety reminders, all background the sweetest noise: the revving of the plane, the start of us taxiiing, the beginning of take-off.

Flying always gives me this high, a divine sense of awesome. There's just something in being thousands of feet above the ground that makes you feel like you can do anything, be anyone, go anywhere...that lets you know that you can.

And take-off is that signal, that ping! that takes you to that magical place.

For me, it's an affirmation that I can be more than I am.

I just have to pray, to hold on, and fly.